GAMES and apps for samsung star gt-s5230


APP:ibear sensor app like iphone/DOWNLOAD/






89 Responses to GAMES and apps for samsung star gt-s5230

  1. rzv says:

    dude you are awesome thx i use that firmware`s sorry for my bad english i`m romanian!

  2. kraze says:

    hi do u know anything in corby pro…..

  3. exhalo says:

    thank you so much

  4. louchene says:

    thanks for the ^pps and games but i need some help to connect to the internet i couldn’t by gprs is there any solution via pc for example?
    please help me

  5. Mike Pouwels says:

    how do you instal the games on your samsung

  6. kostas023 says:

    You are the best my friend!!!!

  7. rachid says:

    does it work on gt-s5233w wifi ?

  8. faisal says:

    hey hi dear i need ur help i neeed some full screen games and also motion sensor games for my S5233 please and i also want Earth worm for my mobile will u please help me?

  9. faisal says:

    dear ineed some landscape and motion senser games please help me

  10. Tyler says:


  11. Tyler says:

    Where is the game izzit only the i beer

  12. ye says:


    I wanna ask you something.I did download i phone firmware from your website and I did whatever you say in the youtube video. My phone is samsung star wifi S2533. Finally i phone firmware did work in my phone.Great! But I’ve got 3 problems with it.
    1. Battery low really fast.
    2. I can not use wifi .
    3. I can not use bluetooth.

    will you please help me to solve those problem ? Thanks.

  13. ye says:

    Oh sorry… My phone is samsung star wifi S5233 🙂

  14. kamran says:

    hey, i have downloaded one of the custom firmwares , and i want to know that what to do next i mean how to install that firmware which i have downloaded

  15. yul says:

    can you show me how to put games into gt-s5320? and them3? thanks 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    any non-action games for this samsung?
    btw : this blog ROCKS!

  17. nikkie d says:

    hey, i jsut watched your vid on yu tube. can you help me install windows 7???

  18. P0wn you 1 says:

    nice but i’ve got a question, i have to download java for the samsung tocco lite (s5230) can you help me?

  19. marc says:

    do you have a gps app or wifi


  20. Ignacio says:

    Hello, greate job, but were can i see the posts, for example the games?? which games can we download? THNKS

  21. Hi dude. i have samsung gt-s5233s. and i want to make it just like iphone but i dont from where to start. could u plz help me out what to do? waitin for yor response.

    • theosamakhan says:

      oh sorry for not responce becuz i have no time summer home work and bla bla bla
      you watch my video tutorial
      and this is additional go to my 2nd youtube channel for new great games subscribe is must for my youtube

  22. harry-totter says:

    i can’t open the game files it gives an error
    plz help me

  23. Ayushmann says:

    Thanks Dude ….You are really awesome

  24. uchan says:

    you’re awesome! and would you help me again? i want the bb storm firmware. please send me the link if you know. thank you so much!

  25. Tyler says:

    hi Can i know wher did u put the game cuz all i see is ibeer ,firefox and wallpaper could u pls help me

  26. Graeme Duff says:

    Plz help me i would like some games but it always says unsupported file type PLZ help me!!

  27. vikas says:

    Hay there buddy! Man i just Downloaded all these apps…..sounds cool. But the real deal i am after are the games. Can u help me with this?

  28. morad says:

    hallo free games samsung s5230 plize

  29. Someone! says:

    Hi, good work!!, I would like to know if there are any call recorders for Samsung Star (S-5230) ??, Thank you

  30. XxX says:

    Hey, how to install that games/apps into s5230?
    thanks for helping

  31. XxX says:

    Hi there. I was wonder if you can tell me in what programming language do you make JAR games. JDK maybe?


  32. Graeme says:

    Hi whenever i download games it says Not Supported what do i do

  33. Newstyler says:

    Hey ! man thanks a lot 🙂

  34. shubham says:

    do u have any motion sensor games????
    if yes then pls post them!!!!
    thanx …………

  35. Humbert says:

    that ibear app works without changes de firmware??? because i’m afraid in chage the firmware and the phone dont work anymore, see you, thanks for this page

  36. LJKHJH says:

    would u do little more search and find out can we change sms text messaging memory? or u can make any new folder in messages, so we change default setting to newly make folder for message storage……

  37. Graeme says:

    Hi when ever i download games it says not supported should i get another firmware if so can you send it to my email at thanks??

  38. lovely.boy says:

    hi thx for what u do for as bat
    what is the bad think can happen to my phone gt-s5230 if any rong happen
    i need to now very soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  39. sas says:

    hey dude can u tell me how to restore the default frimware for my samsung

  40. Farma says:

    wen r u going to get s5233t customfirmware

  41. Farma says:

    wen r u going to get s5233t customfirmware

  42. ameya says:

    hey mr. khan plz help me out….
    whenever i click on download button it starts but after 2-3 min alternately 2 err comes
    1)serial i/o err
    2)warning:security fail…..
    plz solve this two prob.
    i willl be more happy

  43. ameya says:

    hey mr. khan
    one suggestion i would like to give u
    u r site i liked it but plz remove tat background colors frm u r site
    it hurts to eyes…

  44. vivek says:

    eLloxX broda

    can u upoad more app ..
    i need moree apps …

    i em not able to find the at ol..
    search engine..

  45. iliass says:

    WTF dude in you vdeos on youtube says you cn download GTA IV and that another cool gme here but it isnt here

  46. Liel says:

    sir, i tried to download NBA, paint etc in my phone but it says unsupported content..what will i do?

  47. RB says:

    Datz it? Shit mayne i thought that yah will get more games

  48. michael says:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  49. Anonymous says:

    hey!! how to do u install games on your samsung wifi??

  50. junkyard says:

    hey dud ur website rox but do u hav htc hero final frimware on yr blog

  51. junkyard says:

    for samsung gts 5230

  52. rathnakishore says:

    hi genius . i hav samsung gts 5230. i want to upgrade my mobile with new firm ware . could suggest me which is the best for my mobile. i use internet in mobile suggest me according that. sorry for my bad english

  53. Marcus says:

    When i had my samsung s5230 like an iphone i couldn’t change it to english can you do this.

    Can you get apps like you would on the iPhone for samsung s5230.

    Many thanks


  54. ramish says:

    i have samsung s5560 marvel and i want applications like symbian touch mobiles have..i love those kind of touch appz..but i cant find it do i get them..can you pleazz help me..and pleaz put firmwares for samsung s5560 marvel too…thank you

  55. joe1524 says:

    hi dude! do you have software(.jar) for samsung gt-s5233 that makes my mobile as my webcam through bluetooth connected to a pc?

  56. mohsin says:

    dude u r awsome…………..i just wanted to ask that where can i find motion sensor games of my samsung gt s5233w…….please guide me i am searching from many days but all in vain

  57. Yulyo says:

    Hello mates,
    I change you now where i can find Tetris Revolution for S5230? I saw it on your video, but i cannopt find it. Please helo. Thanx a lot

  58. Edd says:

    hey can i get the firmware via Bluetooth .And can i play nfs Shift without firmware ?
    I put it in my phone but it says ist unsuported file..

  59. renz says:

    .. i had serial port error .. then i really cant turn on my phone even if i put out the batteries .. and put it on again .. this sucks man !

    plzzz help .. i just bought it 3 days ago ..

  60. Shivan20 says:

    Ayy how do u put it in dee fone????

  61. maddox says:

    thnx man for all this thinks and for all this softwar i use it to my samsung gt s5233w star wifi too it work

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